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Racer Oil Co. is #1 for high-performance oils and lubricants. Racer's have a lot on the line and they demand quality products that will not subside during their opportunity to win a race and for their teams to succeed. It is absolutely critical that we only sell what we would race with ourselves, that is why we have pride in knowing that the products we offer are second to none and exceed only the highest standards.



For manufacturers of high-performance products, we offer a diverse range of top-level marketing services that will position your brand ahead of the competition. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your company.


Our distribution services and large available inventory bridges the gap between actual time of delivery and the expectations of the customer. Whether you are a racing customer looking to purchase product for your next race or a manufacturer needing a better system of distribution, we can provide services of distribution to fulfill your requirement.


Every customer is different and we respect this by offering flexibility in the way an order is placed and with the type of product demanded. With a large available inventory to satisfy even the most discerning race-team, business, or individual, we can provide the best possible prices and exceed your expectations with fast delivery and expert-level service.